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Message Subject Muslim Jihad in Nigeria leaves 3,000 Christians Dead
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When will those who suck down the "global consciousness" and "spiritual awakening" false dogma recognise that they too are being groomed to kill all those who will oppose their promised divinity? When will they come to realise that they are being indoctrinated to act just like these Muslims?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27085733

Only by the grace of God will they snap out of it. 10 months ago I was ignorant to the world and I came across the New Age movement and the illuminati conspiracy and was convinced the New Age was legit for like a week. As an atheist I remember feeling overwhelmed and I said a prayer to Jesus, saying something like "if you're really God and my savior please show yourself to me" and 10 mins later I found that Rabbi Kaduri prophecy video and I was overwhelmed. Shortly after I realized the whole David dIcke reptillian thing is just a demonic phenomenon. Along with aliens/ufos and the ancient structures of the world. Once people realize Satan runs the show on this earth, and the Bible is the only truth that is available to us, things become clear. The Lord has continued to put things in place piece by piece for me and I'm truly grateful. We can't put our trust in man, he will always fail under his own strength.
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