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Subject Disclosure / 2013 Chaos / Mars Pyramids Dr Courtney Brown Tonight GLPVC The Raw Feed 11PM Est
Poster Handle 2342
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Over a dozen top Remote Viewers trained by our own military have proven without a shadow of a doubt there is life on Mars now and so are we.

9 Remote Viewers

With over a decade of extensive training

Extensive and Verified track record for nearly all views

Solo and Blind sessions

24 sessions 17 with a clarity of 3 * 3 is as good as it gets.

CRV group led by Lyn Buchanan (DIA)

HRVG group led by Glen Wheaton (Special Forces)

At 11.27 of the video, Sketches from the RV sessions show what the inside of the dome looks like.

Dr Courtney Brown is the founder and director of The Farsite Institute that put together this viewing and many others. We will be interviewing him tonight on GLPVC's The Raw Feed 11 PM Est... Check us out on the live streams at
[link to www.therawfeedlive.com] Or join us in the Auditorium here on GLP in the Voice Chat Arena!

We will be discussing this incredible anomaly on Mars, East Coast Chaos Scenarios of 2013, ET's and many other fringlicious topic's tonight!

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