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Message Subject Disclosure / 2013 Chaos / Mars Pyramids Dr Courtney Brown Tonight GLPVC The Raw Feed 11PM Est
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is all backwards..there is yet to be life on mars, we should be looking at Venus, it was the one that had life before us.

Mercury before that.

As the sun ages, Earth will no longer be habitable, and we will move to mars, just like our 'ancestors' came from Venus.

They have you looking in the wrong direction on purpose to distort the truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27302733

Your silly. There was life on mars before us. And they destroyed all life there and came here. What do you think that big storm came from and huge crater?

Life on mars now? Ha! good for them. Let them hang out on that hell hole. And the rest of the elites can go back there also for all i care, lol.
 Quoting: DoubleHelix

Believe what you want. But, they want you to think it is a 'dead' planet and that 'it could have' harbored life in the 'past.'

When the fact is it is an incubating planet. It hasn't EVEN CAME TO LIFE YET. The polar caps have yet to begin melting. Even further back in time, it would have been EVEN MORE desolate than it is now.

It will continually get warmer and warmer as time moves on. Just as the Earth will continually get warmer and warmer.

The sun will continually grow in size as it ages, volcanic activity on the earth will increase, and the atmosphere will thicken more and it will look like Venus.

Venus on the other hand, will have it's heavy atmosphere burned off, and then the crust will be wiped off, and it will resemble mercury.

Mercury will be consumed.

The polar caps on mars will melt, and an atmosphere will naturally form. It has YET to happen.

What you're led to believe is completely backwards.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27302733

 Quoting: DoubleHelix

It's just a lot more exciting for most to believe that there is a possibility to uncover a past life on Mars...BUT, with Venus or Mercury, it's next to impossible if not factually impossible to uncover anything.

Stellar evolution clearly tells us that Earth will continually heat up (Global Warming) and will continually be more and more affected by the sun's gravity as it increases size, pulling us closer to its mass, and will forever see an increase in storms, earthquakes, etc, until it is not habitable.

The atmosphere will become so dense no heat can escape, Mars will form an earth-like atmosphere, it is the "New Earth" or "Next World" - depending on which ancient reference...

But, it's pretty convenient to get you to look at it in an opposite light.
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