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Message Subject Disclosure / 2013 Chaos / Mars Pyramids Dr Courtney Brown Tonight GLPVC The Raw Feed 11PM Est
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For someone who has already done their own research and concluded that there has been a contingency of humans and other biological entities on Mars for quite sometime, this news is mundane and repetitious.

Everything taught to us by the government is a lie and that's not hard to prove.

The periodic table of elements is only half of what government scientists work with.

All planets are hollow and are capable of sustaining life.

The sun is not hot.

The Earth is a giant motor and free energy is a fact not a myth.

Humans are the only form of life that isn't born with its own survival techniques and protection from nature and the environment.

Humans are not part of Earth's history but rather were created elewhere and brought here.

Current humanprogress is declining, not progressing when compared to advanced humans who once populated the earth thousands and maybe even millions of years ago.

The Earth has always rest itself destroying evil and rebuilding new cultures.

The Earth is artificial and was not something that happened in nature by accident; it was created specifically for man by (insert your own belief system).

Need I go on, or does everyone still believe in Darwin, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, unionized government school teachers and text books written by the illuminati?

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