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Message Subject I saw the soon Rapture happening!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow...Great Video......

Earlier this year, I had a dream so vividly today about the Rapture. I posted it last Feb on the Dreams and Visions thread.....It was so real, the Moon was so large in my dream with the words to a song saying:

Don't you know, don't you care, don't you know the time is near, don't you know Jesus cares...At the end of my dream a date flashed by of April 11th, 2012...After that date I felt my body rising in the air before I awoke...

I had no idea what that date meant, as many posters here, started posting that date has signifance either with the rapture, the return of Jesus or the start of the GREAT AND FINAL TRIBULATION.

Then I realized why April 11 th, might have signifance is when the Five Doves sight had said from October 29th, 2008 when Obama went on every network channel promising hope and change, the date Oct 29th, 2008 to April 11th, 2012 was 1260 days.

April 11th, 2012 to Sept 23 rd, 2015 is the final 1260 days which is what Messianic Pastor Mark Blitz said could be the return of Jesus Christ based upon the lunar tetrads.

In closing I will share, that after the election my heart was troubled and very saddened, not only did I see my Country finally die a slow death, I realized how many people will be perishing, who reject the love and grace found in our LORD and SAVIOR...Christ the LORD.

In my sadness and the prayers and cries of my heart, I was looking out my window into the yard from upstairs it had just gotten dark, all of a sudden I saw what was like a falling star coming into my backyard, it was a beautiful illuminated bright bulb of light with a green halo, just as fast as it appeared during it's descent it dis-appeared...My heart and face lit up, I knew it was GOD telling me, not to worry everything will be fine, as he is in control even when wicked comes, he is here with us...

Pray and be blessed!!!!

Our King is truly coming sooner than we think!!!
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