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Message Subject I saw the soon Rapture happening!
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
On the youtube channel, there is a written version.

This part I loved the most "And even babies and people with disabilities, but also animals were going up in the air. I saw dogs and cats and even marmots... large and small animals. All what I was seeing, amazed me, and went far beyond my understanding."

To know that our pets will go with us is a huge blessing.

 Quoting: Lisa*Lisa

Pets are not going, that is unbiblical and thus proves that this vision was not from God.
 Quoting: Facts 21646349

oh yes, if there is an evacuation, pets and many other animals are going, just as in the days of noahs arc, selection animal and plant life will be lifted also. The bible is not the word of God. YOU ARE.

NOBODY GOES UP IN THE AIR PEOPLE, how will you survive up there? How will gravity not crash you right back to the ground, THINK. And stop the fairy tale SHIT the Devils gave to you.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

I agree our bodies are not going to just rise up, and this is just my opinion I think the rapture is going to be quick and sudden with our spirit separating from our physical body in a twinkling of an eye...This would mean that to people left behind there was just a death of thousands of people around the earth and they will probably blame it on a radiation burst hitting earth or something like that....

Or it might mean that when Jesus enters our atmosphere his light will just start killing people on earth quickly that have rejected his truth and grace and when the wicked is removed then we will somehow rise with Christ
And the spirits of demons and Satan will be left on a desolate earth until GOD commands all of them bound in the Lake of Fire....

However I tend to believe the first account, because the Bible says he will give his servant's a time of REST from all the wickedness taking place on the earth...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6038128

NOW tell me where your spirit is then going "in the air" for spirits do not move either thru the air. Why would his light KILL PEOPLE? HOW SICK. I want you to THINK. this is NOT THINKING, it is superstition. If you would star OVER, drop all the BS your have memorized, you will be able to THINK it thru.

This is how you will get up there: either in body or in spirit if your body cannot do the beam. Some will purposely drop their bodies then, the star seeds that don't need them anymore. ufo56

People the apostles watched Jesus board the craft after he survived the cross and left there to go on to teach elsewhere. These bodies don't go up in the sky. PERIOD. THINK. Jesus did not ascend into "heaven" be boarded a craft which set him down in Damacus where he continued his teaching and met Saul 2 years later.

NOBODY not even Jesus violates the laws of god and nature, you cannot leave the planet by simply rising up in the sky and he cannot walk across the sky. There is not magic folks. THINK.

Many of the "missing" in the Japan Tsunami were lifted into craft before it came aground and some even after it did. There are you tubes of that happening. It has happened in every single major quake in fact. Some of the "dead" their bodies don't go on the craft but their astral forms do.
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