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Message Subject I saw the soon Rapture happening!
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
I just found this red karma You are WRONG about no rapture, I laugh at your newbie arguments against it. Read you Bible more Newb.

I have read the bible, all of it, parts of many times. It has a lot of falseshoods in it, and you have no guarantee that it is correct for all the reasons I am always posting. Bad translations, misunderstanding of culture from those days, and deliberate fraud. And it is no better than any other holy books. All cultures are sent holy men, avatars who are one with God, to teach and you all get the same or similar depending on the culture. Not one other has a rapture in it that i have ever found. All however have end time scenario stories of the return of their master, or a new master. Buddhists for example know that Buddha himself is not returning and expect instead the "coming buddha" who is here and is Maitreya who is a wondrous calm gentle being full of great love for this confused world. Confucious and all those oriental ones are returned. So is Krisha. So is Mohammed.

It will be a sad day if we need to evacuate and you ones sit around waiting for Jesus to show up on his fleet of horses. There is no rapture. It is against the laws of nature and God. That you bibles have been fucked up is why I do this work in threads like this. Its not just your bibles, man of thugs have come and created church teachings that are not true. The rapture stuff was not recognized before MAN starting manipulating you in the 1800's. I am going now to get the name of that man off my other computer. brb

John Nelson Darby. HE started the rapture bs. and others continued after that time to muck the teachings in churches. another of those was C.I Scofield and the Scofield bible. I am not stupid people. The bible has many falsehoods and your preachers have been mind controlled to teach the falsehoods. You were told about the White Horse. The White Horse always comes first, because it represents the LIES of the dark brotherhood. It is not the horse Jesus would ride, if he came on a horse.

Lisa, did you explain your sky horses yet? I was away for a time to work with a repairman.
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