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Message Subject Twisted Light Data Transmission = Norway Spiral
Poster Handle Buck Johnson
Post Content
Isn't there a HAARP-like installation right near where the norway spiral happened?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5008841

Yes there is, and on another conspiracy forum (you know who this is) back when this happen we had a discussion about it. I was able to go to the european HAARP installations site and look around and I went through a backdoor (it was open) via their test schedual. And around the same time that the spiral happened they tested the HAARP array and the test was called a tequila sunrise (after the drink). But I wonder why not call this for what it was (twisted light data transmission) at the time. They called it a rocket and that was bullshit (just see the video of the spiral and how it went out and you will see that it wasn't a rocket).

They may not wanted people to know, but we do know that HAARP is used to heat up the uper ionosphere I believe and that may be used for weather modification. So what have a bunch of spirals around broadcast centers to push data through because of the EM spectrum is getting full? No way, no way. They where doing something else pure and simple.
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