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Message Subject Hikers take flight when what they thought was a bear resembles Bigfoot
Poster Handle Laura Bow
Post Content
They should have shot it and then gotten a closer look!
 Quoting: BRIEF

Actually, I was wondering why they took off so fast, you think they would have at least some kind of gun with them? They were fine when it was a bear...
 Quoting: Laura Bow

LOL. And it looks to me like the animal/creature was turned the other way, not coming toward them, what do you think? And there was no cursing or OMGs being yelled. (Oh expletive! What the expletive is that? Let's get the expletive out of here!). Unless they were trying to keep quiet. Silly video.
 Quoting: Renaissance Woman

Yeah I know, the thing's back was turned...as soon as it stood up they took off. Heck...I'd probably have been frozen, you'd be attracting more attention by RUNNING AWAY.
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