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Message Subject Ancient blood line of House of David in america?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Excellent, I know mine now too.

 Quoting: !saac

I've been blown away at what I have learned about history just from tracing my family tree,talk about "fairy tales" and how they sometimes come true!......peace...sheep
 Quoting: Mi'Kmaq

so, do you know what y and mt.dna? and when is this to come about? and what about the iroquois?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27215208

leonardo's painting points to mtDNA haplogroup V as the line from the sheba's of the temple,as for the Iroquois,I am Mi'Kmaq if these lines are in the Mi'Kmaq then chances are they may be found among the Iroqois also.....sheep
 Quoting: Mi'Kmaq

hmmm...my mothers says haplogroup T2...(celt or jew) region of origin is western europe(ireland) or central europe. My fathers is celt in the north-west region of europe. I started looking for the native first...they both said cherokee...but I can not find any documents of such. the only thing I found was a death announcement in the paper of one of my great grandmothers being a great granddaughter of an iroqois...but I found no other documents to even back that up...but I got all kinds of documents for the long haired kings and such...
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