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Message Subject Remember How The Democrats DENIED God At Their Convention? America WILL pay the price for electing those that hate and reject God.
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America's founding fathers (though sinners themselves) were men of God who established this country upon godly principals and with much prayer. We enjoyed as a result, the amazing national blessings found in Deuteronomy 28 that God says are bestowed upon the nations that seek Him and the nations that keep Him in the culture and the politics.

A historic event happened at the DNC Convention this summer. We denied and Boo-ed God. We openly rejected Him. And we elected those who rejected the Lord.

The curses of a nation that rejects God are also found in that same bible chapter.
Nationally acknowledge God=blessings
Nationally reject God=curses.

How can we think that we can elect these people who are openly hostile to God and not think we will have consequences. Read Deut 28 to see what's on the way. It is not pretty folks. Life as we knew it will cease to exist. Read it and weep. Trouble is ahead for us for sure.

"Three times, delegates of the Democrat Party yelled “No!” regarding an amendment to insert “God” into the text of the party platform.

Former Gov. Ted Strickland (D-OH) offered an amendment to insert a mention of “God” into the platform and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A two-thirds vote is required for an amendment to be accepted. But the first voice vote was so close that convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa had to request a second vote.

Once again, the number of delegates yelling “No!” closely rivaled the number yelling “Aye.”

So, Villaraigosa called on the delegates to vote a third time. And, once again, the number of Democrats screaming “No” to the idea of adding God and Jerusalem to the platform appeared to rival the number voting “Aye.”

But Chairman Villaraigosa declared that – in his opinion – a two-thirds majority in favor of the motion was achieved, so he decreed the amendment adopted.

At this point, a chorus of “Boo!” erupted from the crowd...." VIDEO AT LINK

[link to cnsnews.com]
 Quoting: telling it straight

America's founding "fathers" were Freemason's, deists, and humanists! They practiced and preached humanism, humanitarianism, and the liberal humanist tradtions, i.e., the "Seven Liberale Sciences"! How do I know? I've read their books!
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