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What Will Obama 2.0 Bring For Climate Policy?


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11/08/2012 10:10 AM

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What Will Obama 2.0 Bring For Climate Policy?
Newly re-elected President President Obama gave a nod to climate change in his acceptance speech on election night, but reducing the United Statesí greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is still not very high on the Presidentís agenda for his second term. Yet the looming debate on fiscal reform combined with recent weather events could create an opportunity to introduce a carbon tax.

While global warming was one of Obamaís top priorities going into his first mandate, in 2012, Obama stayed as far away from the topic as he could. Not only was the economy the main issue for both candidates, but itís also likely that Obama felt vulnerable to attacks against his energy policy record following the high-profile Solyndra bankruptcy in September 2011.

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