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Message Subject IT'S TRUE! WOMEN can SMELL a WIMP!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Not surprising, they've done studies for years showing women have a better sense of taste and smell. Identifying individual odors when there are multiple smells at once, etc.

I've believed this for years before I ever knew there were studies about it. There would be guys I liked at school or work and everything about them was great, but when we'd get closer and hold hands or something, my skin would crawl. I'd feel ill being that close to them, and even though I liked everything about them my spider-sense said "Uh, no". This is responsible for a lot of the "leading men on". You like them from a far and then up close it's a different story. But women can't just say "John I love you, but you stink, and there's just no way in hell I can live with that for a week, let alone the rest of my life."

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