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Message Subject Should christians who spot the deceptions and know the truth start telling everyone about it?
Poster Handle Stanfiem
Post Content
I am going to assume you are being 100 percent genuine in your question. If i am taking the bait then enjoy your dinner. wink

I think that it should be realized that a lot of the topics discussed in these forums are side 'arguments'. All roads eventually lead to rome. What good is it to run around telling people the sky is falling.

They will get tired of hearing you scream and not find the house that is tucked away for them. It is not our 'job' to tell them the sky is falling. Because if they do not realize the sky is falling then they do not need a house. Christ's gift is for those who know they need it. So show them christ instead of telling them the plans of satan. "in a nut shell"

With that being said forget it and just follow what God tells you to do. There is a time and a place for everything.
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