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Message Subject Should christians who spot the deceptions and know the truth start telling everyone about it?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thank you people.

I got the answer.

The guy we are talking about is blind.
He is an atheist. He doesnt understand about hope or faith. He cant see his purpose as moving the kingdoms and showing to the world that God is among us. He cant see that he needs to show himself to those who recognize him, albeit as unglorified and dimly as possible. IT IS NOT ABOUT HIM. ITS ABOUT HIS PURPOSE and he needs to get that into his head.

He needs an elect who spotted him to tell him about the Word.

Thats why it is written that he is blind.

Whoever wrote about the nobody is not the nobody, but someone who came before. I always knew that because when I gave the name of this guy, the topic was not deleted.
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