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Message Subject Markets Falling again!!!
Poster Handle Chip
Post Content
This will continue. Educated folks know that socialism leads to poverty. Welfare fucks who cannot understand economics (even if explained to them on a 3rd grade level) don't give a fuck...dey want dey fones!!!!
 Quoting: Chip

that has been the plan all along.... Obama didnt come to save america but to destroy it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26142676

Let's clarify that even further. When Obummer speaks of the 99% he's not talking about America and it's citizens. He's talking about all nations of the world. So you tell me; is he trying to bring 3rd world nations to the level of American wealth, or bring America down to 3rd world conditions?

Which is easier? Not to mention the fact that his foreign influence has caused him to push us into 16 trillion worth of debt. We are all now owned by China and other nations.

His loyalty is in question.
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