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Message Subject America’s First Ever Hindu Congresswoman Will Take the Oath of Office Over the Bhagavad Gita
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
well, if Vedic, Brahmanic and Buddhic learnings would ever penetrate into US politics, it would be marvelous
 Quoting: R...

It already has - and America will soon look like India as it forsakes the Creator of Heaven and Earth - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I don't think you may have noticed that the good jobs and our manufacturing being given to third world countries, as our families break down and as we kill millions of our unborn and as we blasphemy the One True God by whoring around with these false gods. Go to India and bathe with the dead bodies - human and animal - floating by you in the river. It'll show you that the true "enlightenment" of Hinduism is nothing more than a serpent keeping its worshippers in an abject state of spiritual slavery.

Obama carries his little Buddha in his pocket. Obama posing as Shiva, the destroyer- on the front cover of Time. Hinduism is death to the soul and spirit, creating the beehive mentality and caste system that keeps hundreds of millions of Indians in satanic bondage.

May the True God of Heaven and Earth bring judgement and conviction upon our nations who are so completely blinded as to ignore His repeated warnings that our enemies will be brought against us - HIS ISRAEL.
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