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Message Subject Oh Mr Darwin..... why didn't all animals go extinct during the millions years it took evolution to NON-intelligently design umbilical cords?
Poster Handle AllGunsBlazing
Post Content
Thread: Strange how embryos survived a million years before the evolution created umbilical cords right Mr Darwin? (Page 2)

This is the paragraph?

Says "slowly becoming what God is or was is stupid". [< this is supposed to be paraphrasing DGN]
But this idea seems like pure speculation. [link to www.designinference.com]
I've posted links to this article before, but I think it deserves at least one more. I find it very enlightening. I guess based on the observation that all matter has liquid, solid, and gas phases [?], and reasoning that the gas phase is the most 'value added' one [?], alchemists speculated that everything, including humans is 'evolving' or 'becoming god' [spirit]. [Talk about 'mad scientists'!]
But I don't think we actually see for instance ,humans evolving [or"ascending the stairway to heaven"] at all. Just the opposite, really.
 Quoting: chauchat

You're misunderstanding me. I said the OP started this same thread three weeks ago, and when people offered reasoned, thought-out explanations, the OP met those posts with basically a "TLDR; shorten it to one paragraph and I will read it" response. If he's not willing to read more than one paragraph, then he's being willfully ignorant. Which is why I suggested someone write a response in Chapters and Verses. It seems he's willing to read that.
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