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Message Subject Oh Mr Darwin..... why didn't all animals go extinct during the millions years it took evolution to NON-intelligently design umbilical cords?
Poster Handle chauchat
Post Content
You had your answer three months ago, but you refused to read it until someone condensed it into two paragraphs. Or possibly they could've put it in chapters and verses?

Thread: Strange how embryos survived a million years before the evolution created umbilical cords right Mr Darwin?

Try reading a book other than the Bible
 Quoting: AllGunsBlazing

Can you be more scientifically specific, I figure the first embryo would have died with no cord and could never reproduce. Evolution isn't even a theory it's just a sy/fy joke on the simple.
 Quoting: DGN

So you trade logic, science and study for mindless, blind faith? Well then....your clearly not looking for answers...your looking for someone to tell you your going to heaven.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25595289

Please forgive me if this is an overreaction, because I've been watching videos of Christopher Hitchens and Bart Ehrman [each debating Dinesh D'Souza], and they both make the same kind of assumptions about believers in the Bible as truth and people whose God is the god of the Bible.
DGN hopes to live on earth with as many of you as will accept God's invitation, and help realize our creator's original purpose: for the whole earth to become a paradise- "satisfying the desire of every living thing". Rather than "not looking for answers",i'm guessing he's more like absolutely in love with the truth.

Maybe I'm 'projecting' too much my own thoughts onto DGN. But 'projecting' was exactly what I thought when I heard the 2 mentioned above talk about the "childish" hopes of the believer, as vs. themselves. I wondered if they were so impatient and angry actually with their own childhood selves ,embarrassed to have ever hoped for anything better than the suffering and injustice they see all around them. Children can be smarter about some things than most adults.
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