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Message Subject Oh Mr Darwin..... why didn't all animals go extinct during the millions years it took evolution to NON-intelligently design umbilical cords?
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According to mathematician Kurt Godel, within every formal logical system there are problems not solvable nor conclusively determinable.*

Metaphysicist Heinz von Foerster states that the first root of the word "science" is "sci," which is an Indo-European word for "separation." He further states that in this reality there is simply too much information for any theory to be absolutely correct. Science and mathematics is actually a poem written by self-interested parties towards certain goals, by creating systems (to over-come the separation of science) and by promoting them with media. This is why Quantum Physics requires a vacuum and Planck's Constant, that do not actually exist anywhere and why scientists continually make up new particles and theories to justify the dominant paradigm. *

The theory of Evolution is another example of this, as it is a poem designed to make us believe we must and should compete with each other, when that was not the loving design originally intended by God and Christ's teachings. See Walter Veith's extensive videos explaining the absurdities inherent in the science of evolution. 911 is the epitome of this kind of poem, writ large for the masses, yet obviously not what we were told it was. If anything, it should be called "survival of those who cooperate the best."

I first showed this video piece at Louise Bourgeois' Salon in NYC. I did not understand it at the time, but it is an expression of the madness of modern society and culture that has become increasingly Godless and mis-directed by demonic supernatural forces (as can be seen in the smoke itself when the towers collapsed--this is well documented by others). It is also an expression of the profundity of God-given free will. Within the incredible design of this reality there is both intelligence and infinite potential. Our reality can be anything we want it to be under God's laws. The current technocratic poem being written by self-interested elitist people does not reflect Christ, but a supernatural demonic desire to control God's creation and enslave humanity.**

God is in control, and gives us free will to choose Him or not--this is "the harvest" and true purpose of existence here. Yet God allows the horrors of tragedies like 911, in essence, because we do. This is why the untruth is so self-evident in terms of the "poem" of the media story of 911: the truth controlling us must be put out and we must agree to it, for it to continue. It is the abyss gazing back at us when we turn away from God.

*see: The Net - The Unabomber. LSD and the Internet to understand this;
**as well, see: Roger Morneau, Mark Cleminson and Carolyn Hamlett, among others, who speak of this supernatural plan to control humanity and how and why events are unfolding as they are in ways that do not serve us.

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