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Message Subject Oh Mr Darwin..... why didn't all animals go extinct during the millions years it took evolution to NON-intelligently design umbilical cords?
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I did not come to these conclusions by "faith" or ego, I am not afraid to die and become "nothing"... but I am also not interested in giving up my free will to satanic supernatural and occult forces who run things here, materially speaking...

a lot of money has been spent to make you biased and unaware of the nature of this reality... there is ample evidence for this... you can find many insightful links on my thread and put it together for yourself...

I have spent hundreds of hours researching to come to this position and I have to admit that I was pretty biased against religions when I started... I still think most are corrupt and refuse to go to a church... but I do read the bible and pray daily... and I continue to research and create based on my findings...


Thread: John Lear may be wrong about Christ
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