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Message Subject the bible says turn the other cheek but what do you do if that one is harmed also?
Poster Handle Chip
Post Content

Jesus (you know, the guy that your book talks about) gave himself up "unto death." How's that for fighting back? He even scolded Peter for Peter's cutting off of the centurion's ear while trying to protect jesus. So much for your "godly" argument. Your position is to boost your ego and justify to natural reaction to defend yourself--even though jesus specifically decried such a stance while he was being beaten to death. That's pretty much to whole concept of martyrdom summed up for 'ya. I can repeat it slower if you need me to do so...
 Quoting: skeptic 8198777

You think your clever. However, Peter walked with Jesus daily with a sword on his hip. The portions of the bible to which you refer are regarding the sacrifice of Jesus himself; which had been foretold occur exactly as they did...Peter with his violent actions stood in the way of those prophetic scriptures, Jesus stopped him in order to allow the prophecy to be fulfilled. After walking with Jesus daily and following Jesus...do you really think Peter would have pulled the sword if defending yourself was against the scriptures?

You dipshits that think you understand scripture without ever studying it seem like idiots every time you comment on the subject.
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