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Message Subject the bible says turn the other cheek but what do you do if that one is harmed also?
Poster Handle Life and Love
Post Content
It's a fucking metaphor, guy. Obviously you don't understand that, and you're just looking for the bible to justify you hurting someone else, instead of, ya know, actually following what Jesus said.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27308713

No, I'm actually looking for an answer. What does the bible say if I turn my cheek and the other one gets harmed? Do I just turn back to the other one? Just keep taking it?
 Quoting: Leslie Zevo

There are two types of face slaps: a forward slap and a backward slap. One is used on inferiors, and the other is used of equals. (I forget which is which)

So, if you are slapped as an inferior, Jesus says to turn the other cheek so that the aggressor will be forced to slap you as an equal... if he dares.

Quite subversive, really.
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