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Message Subject the bible says turn the other cheek but what do you do if that one is harmed also?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I disagree that anything I said is against anything Jesus taught (barring of course my dipshit comment). You are assuming that we must live a life as Jesus lived in order to be part of the "body". That's complete and utter nonsense. The warrior mentality existed in Jesus by means of Joshua from the old testament. Read and learn. Jesus is "the living word".
 Quoting: Chip

No, I didn't say that. I'm saying that to truly follow the teachings of jesus, you have to lay down your life in the face of injustice just like jesus did. Look what it accomplished! What if Jesus had resorted to violence? What if the apostles had raided the synagogues and retaliated for the murder of their leader? Jesus himself NEVER took up arms or resorted to violence as a defense. In fact, each time prior to this when he was going to be seized, he snuck away and hid--even avoiding cities where he knew he was going to be thrown in jail. Some might even call this behavior cowardly, but that's what the gospels report that he did.

Peter was just a man--fallen like every other person on the planet. If you follow Peter's example, then you're not following jesus' example.
 Quoting: skeptic 8198777

I, as a man will never be like Jesus. That's a certainty I can rely on. The problem with today's Christians is not the things you mention...it's the fact that they have unrealistic expectations. For instance; being like Jesus, isn't ever gonna happen. Make the goal more realistic, be like Peter, worship God through Jesus and protect the innocent. Your premise is off by about 2 shades and so is your comprehension.
 Quoting: Chip

You're just not getting it, and that's okay--it takes all kinds. If you're content being called a christian (implying that you're trying to live like christ) while openly letting everyone know that "it aint gonna happen so I'll just try to copy that other guy" then that's your business. However, a lack of understanding on your part does not constitute a lack of discernment on mine.

Your argument does help elucidate the fact that the ideals and doctrines of the christian faith have always only been intended as an ideal for man to follow--not as the divine words that magically appeared verbatim in a bunch of imperfect dudes' heads and was passed to paper INCORRUPTIBLE. So, good job on that.
 Quoting: skeptic 8198777

So you're saying I should try to resist my urge to react violently and instead of defend the weak try to help them hide?
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