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Message Subject Sick of Obamabots and the free shit army?? Here's 11 things to do.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1) Minimize your spending. Take your savings out of the economy and hide it as best as you can.
2) In the same vein, take as much of your economic activity to the black market / cash only market as you can.
3) If you are thinking about closing your business down, go ahead
4) If you are keeping your business running, take a strong look at who you are hiring and firing (ie consider firing minorities and single women)
5) If you are a doctor begin limiting your patients or only take cash payments.
6) If you produce food (farmers) consider reducing your output to drive up prices and help Michelle O. with her fight on fat.
7)Do not associate, coach, elevate, or help in any way those who trend Democrat. This includes charities or even your own family.
8)If you are working hard to try and get ahead. Stop - enjoy your life and family while you still can.
9) Do not associate with liberal bastions such as schools, colleges, and the entertainment industry. Consider homeschooling your kids.
10) Move to a red state and start pushing for secession.
11) Military members near retirement should retire; make the Democrats fight the next war.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27313404

And whatever you do, NEVER lose your job or become disabled because then you'd have to accept some of that free stuff and I guess you'd rather die first.

Oh, and make sure you have a million or so stashed against your retirement because you wouldm't want to have to take any of that filthy social security money.
 Quoting: Little Bee

Unlike welfare recipients, people who receive social security and disability have PAID INTO THEIR ACCOUNT DURING THEIR WORKING YEARS.

Some of us have paid over $50,000 in TAXES in a given year.

How many welfare and food-stamps recipients do you figure have done the same?

OP's right. Time to stop pushing the cart and watch the look on their faces when they realize they're not getting that free ride anymore.
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