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Message Subject Sybils and Oracles...
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The author of The Song of the Sibyl is unknown. The prophecy was first recorded as an acrostic poem in Greek by bishop Eusebius of Caesarea and later translated into Latin by Saint Augustine in The City of God. It appeared again in the 10th century in different locations across Catalonia, Italy, Castile, and France in the sermon Contra judeos, later inserted into the reading of the sixth lesson of the second nocturn of matins and was performed as an integral part of the liturgy.

This chant was originally sung in Latin and under the name of Judicii Signum, but from the 13th on, versions in Catalan are found.

These early Catalan versions of the Judici Signum were not directly translated from Latin. Instead, they all come from a previous adaptation in Provençal, which proves the huge popularity this song must have had in the past.

English Translation

Al jorn del judici parrà qui avrà fet servici.

On the day of judgment, he will be spared who has done service.

Jesucrist, Rei universal, home i ver Déu eternal, del cel vindrà per a jutjar i a cada u lo just darà.

Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, man and true eternal God, from Heaven will come to judge and to everyone what is fair will give.

Gran foc del cel davallarà; mars, fonts i rius, tot cremarà. Daran los peixos horribles crits perdent los seus naturals delits.

Great fire from the heaven will come down; seas, fountains and rivers, all will burn. Fish will scream loud and in horror. Losing their natural delights.

Ans del Judici l'Anticrist vindrà i a tot lo món turment darà, i se farà com Déu servir,
i qui no el crega farà morir.

Before the Judgement the Antichrist will come and will give suffering to everyone,
and will make himself be served like God, and who does not obey he will make die.

Lo seu regnat serà molt breu; en aquell temps sots poder seu moriran màrtirs tots a un lloc
aquells dos sants, Elies i Enoc.

His reign will be very short; in these times under his power will die martyrs, all at once
those two saints, Elijah and Enoch.

Lo sol perdrà sa claredat mostrant-se fosc i entelat, la lluna no darà claror i tot lo món serà tristor.

The sun will lose its lightness showing itself dark and veiled, the moon will give no light and the whole world will be sorrow.

Als mals dirà molt agrament: —Anau, maleits, en el turment! anau-vos-ne en el foc etern amb vòstron príncep de l'infern!

To the evil ones he will say very sourly: -Go, damned, into the torment! go inside the eternal fire with your prince of Hell!

Als bons dirà: —Fills meus, veniu! benaventurats posseïu el regne que us he aparellat des que lo món va esser creat!

To the good ones he will say: -My sons, come! lucky ones, you possess the kingdom I have entailed for you since the world was created!

Oh humil Verge! Vós qui heu parit Jesús Infant aquesta nit, a vòstron Fill vullau pregar que de l'infern vulla'ns lliurar!

Oh humble Virgin! May you who have given birth to Child Jesus in this night, to your son want to pray so he will want to keep us from Hell!

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

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