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Message Subject Sybils and Oracles...
Poster Handle Cheshire~Cat
Post Content
Is there a certain culture you would like to know about that uses oracles? You seem to be interested in the Greeks. I would personally look east for answers since they were a bit more meticulous in recording.

Oracles / Syblis, etc. Were and still are prevalent in many seemingly unrelated cultures throughout history.

To find the "oldest known" oracle is a daunting task, might I ask why you seek the oldest known? Are you looking for a starting point?
 Quoting: Cheshire~Cat

I guess Egyptian :)but I am interested in any and all information you guys think is important to this topic. Look East? Okay I will do that thank you...I did not think of that lol

Yes I am trying to get a starting point...I want to see how that all came about the first one :) Then look at how the rest came to be after...see if there are any similarites etc...

 Quoting: ~Angels~

I wish you luck on your task.

Concerning a starting point, the oracles more or less simultaneously manifested throughout different cultures.
This is akin to seeking the first Native American or the first Chinese person. So if you're looking for the first oracle, you might want to try looking for the oldest "Egyptian oracle tradition" or the oldest "Greek oracle tradition". Perhaps then you can narrow your results and decipher your findings easier.
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