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Message Subject Broke my arm, looking for your day to day one-armed tips
Poster Handle JadeDone
Post Content
Broke my humerus in 5 places, on my off arm thankfully, worst thing about it is when your cast is off and you continue using one arm for everyday tasks.

Unless you've got someone to help you get dressed, that can be a challenge as well lol.

Best of luck
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3697379


Wear a sling and keep it tight. It will help to remember you can't use it. I was 13 and 33 when I broke mine (and I was a single parent at the time).

Nothing that needs to be cut up. There is nothing worse then having your mommy cut your steak as a teenager, except your pre-teen son doing it for you.

I had to give up on anything that had zippers or buttons and wore a lot of elastic pants and skirts.

Baby wipes for pooing.

Don't drive for a couple of weeks, then hope you don't have a manual. Conversely, teach your pre-teen to shift for you and practice it before you leave the driveway.

Re-use convenience store cups for a couple of weeks. The lids will help with the balance being off and nothing will spill.

Until you get used to your balance being skewed, walk barefoot at home, or wear shoes that are perfectly flat, like flip flops (even though I despise them).

All I can remember right this second.
 Quoting: SewDucky

Great tips, and thank you for the laugh I got envisioning my teen cutting up my steak for me! Last night he made a meatloaf and that was too much fun to watch :D
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