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Message Subject Does anyone have any useful tips to have a consistent high vibration of unconditional love, light and empowerment;oneness with God?
Poster Handle jacksprat
Post Content
There is nothing that is important. And there is nothing that isn't important.

See between the words for truth. What exists between "things" what exists between "ideas"? What exists between perception?

It is too simple for the mind to understand.

Every enlightened being says the Truth is within. That is true, but only if you can let go of the idea itself. All ideas are false and leave one astray endlessly. Stop looking to words for truth. They can point to it, but they will never reveal it.

Let go of all ideas to know truth.

Truth is neither positive or negative. It exists between the two.

It is too simple for the critical mind to comprehend. But you already know this with your heart. Your heart is truth.

The heart is where the truth lies. And the heart always consumes the mind as it is light. And darkness cannot survive light.

You are the light, you are the love. You are the forgiveness. You exist outside of ideas. You have just forgotten for a time. Soon you will remember and thought will mean nothing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26772571

what do you mean soon? like a cosmic event coming?
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