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Message Subject Does anyone have any useful tips to have a consistent high vibration of unconditional love, light and empowerment;oneness with God?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
People mix up love and lust. there is only 1 love and its unconditional. Its hard to put your finger on it when you have hate in your heart because hate darkens your souls with anger and jelousy and several other emotions. But with love comes forgiveness and lightens up your soul. When your soul becomes lit by the oil of love it begins to shine bright and you see the truth and in the truth u can begin to understand and feel gods path he has for us in life. With truth u can also shield yourself from sin and tempations from the devil that you did not even notice befor. This all starts with you taking the first step towards lord, by going to some1 u have gotten in a fight with latly or maybe there is a close family member or friend that really gets you mad. go buy them a card and tell them you love them and forgive them because in reality its not there fault you should have mercy for these people because they are battling a huge inner war on satan and his legion of demons which bombard our daily lifes from other darken souls, to music, movies, tv, media, food, drinks ect... its in every aspects of out lives. Only through sending unconditional love to people can you truly wake them up to love my friends, and have patients for ppl because no1 is perfect and we all make mistakes. Our lives are to short and hard enuff here alone much less have family members and close friends and random stranges hate effect our love for them. Allways remeber if your in a situation that you do not know how to handle think back to this statment "what would jesus do" this video will help you understand how to do this
[link to www.youtube.com]

This is my satanist exposed video that will give you some inside tips on how satanist who are running this world right now use subliminal messages to teach us to lust and hate each other without most ppl even picking up on it.
[link to www.youtube.com]
Once god fills you with truth then you will notice these things without any help from these video's. also check out ShieldOfTheSun, other video's there are full of love and truth. everything this man says comes from the heart and is 100% true. Dont let satan steal you away from god my friend. god bless and love you all hope you find the truth and love. jesus loves us sooooo much we cannot even understand.
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