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Message Subject Does anyone have any useful tips to have a consistent high vibration of unconditional love, light and empowerment;oneness with God?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I like to think of it as being one with my full self...

Indeed, how do we consistently bring out our full self, be one with our full self, without any middle men?

Empathy, ever deepening empathy, what you got a problem with? Find peace with it - treat problems how you would beat treat yourself, empathy.

Forgive and let go whatever bullshit fucks with you. It has served you to test you patience and refine your identity even more clearly, thank you evil doers for your genuine acts of horror, you have represented what I will not be, yet my empathy grows deeper yet...

Indeed, how do you craft a way of being which refines itself infinitely in any and all circumstances? IMO we are the answer to that question.
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