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Message Subject The watchers, watching the watchers all the way to the aliens.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
SO... if every thing in 25 years has to do with nanotech... what comes after that? Imagine a alien race...With this technology...millions of years ahead of us.Do you think they are the ones in control behind the scenes?
 Quoting: Idiot Savant Surrealist 27257479

In the fuure nanotech will lead to longevity beyond your wildest dreams and just like xmen and wolverine humanzes will self repair...

The future of nanotech will be to replicate and assimilate even to a point of destroying vuabthe iar land or sea.

If each seperate nano particle gets AI, then expect self assimilated nanowarfare by a semi conscious AI entity until it fuses completely to human dna...

Then will arrive the dawn of the Borg and replicant synthetic humanzes a souless emotionless biosynthetic formed terminator.

At that stage the war between the synths and humanzes will commence under a blood red sky stained by a close shave with mars which was moved after an interstellar event caused by the nanosynth ori wraith alien sythns...

*cue whistling wind and tumbkeweed on a red sky sunset*
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