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Stop the Nibiru/2012 Bullshit

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User ID: 2136896
11/08/2012 03:07 PM
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Stop the Nibiru/2012 Bullshit
I've been lurking here for ages and generally enjoy the conversation that's on tap, but WTF is up with this Nibiru obsession? Every time I think this forum is populated with intelligent, skeptical thinkers, I see another idiot screaming "Planet X" at Jupiter through his telescope.

Quit it. Still to drones and the Rothschilds and such.

[link to DON'T_USE-THIS]

Anyway, hi. I'll be posting.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29640282
United States
12/12/2012 09:13 PM
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Re: Stop the Nibiru/2012 Bullshit
there will be an awakening to consciousness which will be don't believe the bullshit.

2013 prediction alot of angry people will demand their money back for buying into the bullshit books and dvds.

if they still believe the bullshit then you really can't fix stupid.