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Earth’s 12 Major Vortex Energy Centres

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/27/2006 09:34 AM
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Earth’s 12 Major Vortex Energy Centres
[link to www.eagleyeone.com]

Earth’s 12 Major Vortex Energy Centres

Also Noted as 12 points in the Book 'The Keys of Enoch'

Following is information about the major vortex energy centres of crystalline construction as channelled by Sananda Jesus the Christ through messenger Jean Peterson in 1990 and published in "Oneness Remembered - Ultraconsciousness".

Vancouver Island, Canada

This energy vortex is placed upon the energy grid of Planet Earth to function like a bowl, which by its very shape retains energy received, such as an umbrella turned upward toward the descending fills itself to the top with Life-giving water. So it is that Vancouver Island holds energy for a time, such as an incubation or formative stage of development and then at the proper timing which is determined by the Lords of Light (Councils of the Spiritual Hierarchy), connects with the grid system of Planet Earth and merges its energy with the other major vortex areas. Vancouver Island functions as a birthing place for Source Energies to merge with Earth Energies thereby uplifting the vibration of Third Dimension.

Nova Scotia Connecting with the Bermuda Islands

This energy nestles among the bays of those lands and can be felt by Humans as an attunement to Human’s evolution upon the Earth Plane. A scholar who returns to a schoolroom of childhood wanders in wonderment at the changes wrought within the physical structure remembered for so many years in a different way. So it is that Humans who visit this vortex for the first time in this current Timeframe brings forth memories from within of long ago and faintly remembered soul experiences. Those characteristics of Human which form the personality essence are a sum total of all soul experience. So it is that this energy vortex functions as a schoolroom by beaming energy likened to a history lesson unto the whole of Earth and her Lifeforms. Those who choose to connect their own energy with this vortex energy create an opportunity to decode the energy thereby understanding the history of Self.

Great Pyramid at Giza at Egypt

The ancient pyramidal energy vortex at Giza was given to Third Dimension at a time when darkness reigned upon the Earth. Darkness had grown to such an extent that the Councils of the Hierarchical Government sent forth emissaries from Higher Frequencies of existence into third density. Those representatives from the Brotherhood of Light established upon the precise centre of Earth a gravitational force combined with the cosmic beam of Source Energies which merged in a synchronicity of monotheistic understanding of attunement to Creative Force. Today in Earth time the physical form you know at Giza has been transmuted from its original pristine beauty of synchronistic harmonious attunement to Source. However, the etheric vortex still remains a constant source of energy for Earth’s planetary body and the Life support systems it nurtures. From its inception into Being, the Giza vortex has maintained a focal point to which all other eleven-energy points upon Earth’s grid system attune or connect. That connection can be likened unto the umbilical cord of the embryo, which carries Life-giving nutrients from the mother to the forming physical vehicle until it, can support its own Life outside of the womb. The Giza energy vortex carries the physical records of Human’s evolution in time stored beneath the structure, and cut into the stone itself. The numerical numbering system of the physical stone structure carries the same vibration as the etheric numbers, which equal One.

Hawaiian Islands

This pristine ray of energy attunement radiates beauty in the physical manifestation for all of Earth to view. Within the etheric vibratory field of the Hawaiian Islands resides the memory of Light Codes sent forth in ancient times which translated the form of Human from etheric unto that known as density of Third Dimension. This area carries the codes of transformation into Light Body, as all vortex areas do, in such a way that the memory cells within Humans who visit this area in physical body or etheric (meditation, prayer, dreams) taps into the ancient memory of Human's decent from Spirit into matter or density of Third Dimension. This pattern of transforming Energy from spirit into density must be remembered in the current time of transformation to reverse the process, which is the avenue or pathway of memory, which creates ascension into Light Body or God/Man. The Hawaiian Islands are the focal point of Memory Cell Light Decodement. However, the memory cells are also stored within the molecular structure of each soul entity upon Earth. This vortex radiates energy unto all Humans and Earth, which may be tapped into to decode the soul evolution of Humankind. The Hawaiian Islands energy functions as a Higher Frequency current which merges with the soul energy of those of Man who wish to remember their Source and their soul experiences of individual soul evolution.

Aral Sea-Kungrad, Russia

This energy vortex radiates unto Mother Earth the energy of Divine Inspiration for transformation in the New Age of Humans. From this land known as Russia will come a greater meaning of Life than has been know in recent times upon the Earth Plane.

Takla Makan - Lop Nor, Sinkiang, China

This energy vortex is place upon Planet Earth by the Lords of Light in such a way that it receives the incoming vibrations of Source energy in clarity of crystalline structure. This vortex radiates the Light Codes of transformation unto the entire Earth and her Lifeforms in a sequential numerology for those minds of Human who comprehend Universal Flow in a mathematical mode of brain activity.

Philippine Islands

This vortex stands sentinel or as a guard at a gate for the others of the vortex centres. This energy shines rays of Light Codes which monitor and guard the gates to all the other vortex areas which have been encoded from the Source to assist Mankind in its evolution from inception in the transformation cycle in the Now! Source deems it necessary for the Light Codes within the vortex centres to remain constant.

Kwajalein - Marshall Islands

This energy is of such nature that it flows into the seas or waters upon Earth in an ionic attunement to Source energies to merge with Earth's water mass in a synchronicity of flowing balance. This vortex aligns Earth's ethers with the Life-giving water mass of Earth creating an etheric and Earth polarity of negative and positive energy balancing which holds the ionic structure of Earth in its proper placement. This energy grid corresponds to the etheric record of all Earth energy thought and action stored within the ethers of Earth formation. The water mass upon Earth carries the vibration, which balances the opposite polarity or etheric layer surrounding Earth's mass.

Pueblo, Colorado to the Mescalero Reservation of New Mexico, USA

The energy within this area frequently feels heavy to those passing through it. The reason for that attunement is that the Pueblo, Colorado-New Mexico area functions as a magnet or point of connection for all others of the vortex energy points to converge. Unlike Giza, which feeds or nurtures the other vortex, this vortex functions as an ionic tuning fork in the way a musical instrument can be brought into harmonic attunement through aligning with perfect pitch. The convergence of all twelve points of energy upon the grid system of Earth within this vortex creates a gravitational pull of alignment, which holds the axis of Earth stable or functioning in the current rotational pattern. This creates a very high energy vibration and many Earthlings find the intensity of this vortex unsettling or overpowering to their own personal vortex or soul frequency which leads them to define this vortex energy as heavy. Many who reside within this area find their lives in flux or turmoil. In order to remain peaceful within the Lifestream, those who chose to reside upon Earth’s surface within this area must match the high frequency of energy, which naturally is created in this area. This energy acts as a stabilizing factor within the grid system of Earth energies.

Lexington, Kentucky to Tennessee (USA)

This energy vortex carries a vibration of Peaceful Knowingness. The entities that reside within this vortex area have always remembered Source. They carry encodement within the soul frequency for the pattern of Human to be continued into forever. The so-called trials and struggles of economic, health, and cultural growth stages within the Lifestreams of those residing in this Earth area have been self-created in such a way that the focus for self-worth always remains upon the Source or God as the mainstay within the Life focus. Most entities that reside within this area remain attuned to the God Within. Those Earth entities who choose to travel within this vortex energy find a peacefulness within themselves they sometimes have forgotten they know. This vortex then is the "Peaceful Valley" of Source Energy which radiates unto the whole Earth the Creator’s Love in equality for all Lifeforms. The energy within this vortex is Love Dive which could be likened unto sunshine shining upon a mirror which reflects the rays unto the entirety of Earth and All her Lifeforms in equal opportunity for them to receive the Creator’s Love in whatever attunement they wish to create.

Azores (Archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean which is part of Portugal)

The mountainous terrain of the Azores lends itself into producing a hearty and healthy breed of Human. So it is this energy vortex stands forth in stamina and strength of Being. The Azores vortex radiates a constant supply of energy unto Earth, which meets the criteria of the Creator for the decodement of future times upon Earth. Stored within the Light Codes of this area are future time zone or time warp opportunities for which Humans may slip through or beyond the present knowledge of time into All Time or beyond time dimensions of beingness. The Azores energy vortex functions as a time clock as Humans understand time. Humans create time within their own mind and it is an illusion on the grandest scale. The Light Codes are recorded within the hourglass of time within the Azores vortex energy, which will propel Humans into the understanding of the illusion of time as they have created it. For it is within this energy vortex that many Humans pay less attention to the time upon the Earth Plane than at any other area upon Earth. So it is that the Azores vortex area is the timekeeper, in Earth terms, of Human’s self-created illusion of time.

Lourdes, France

This energy vortex beams forth unto the whole of Earth an energy force which balances the Giza energy vortex in the negative and positive polarity understanding – Giza being the negative (Mother – Nurturing) and Lourdes being the positive (Father – Strength) polarity. This vortex contains the energy of both nature and Humans and streams forth that constant mix of energy construction into the atmosphere above Earth. That energy is then reflected back unto the Earth in a balancing of that known as centring or energy of strength.

Combined in a synchronistic alignment with the Source Energy Vortex which is God the Father, these harmonized energy placements, upon the face of Mother Earth, resonate in a symphony of Oneness.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 892
United States
01/27/2006 09:37 AM
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Re: Earth’s 12 Major Vortex Energy Centres
Fly, walk, run, bicycle, drive, use a ship or your imaging/meditative abilities to project the energy that is You into these areas of energy attunement. Feel with the magnetic soul essence the realty that indeed does exist within the ionic structure of the very air you breathe within these areas. Align your energy in the Oneness Vibration to which these vortex areas attune, and you will be aligned with Source and the Most Holy Father’s Master Plan for Earth and her Lifeforms.

So Be It. Peace Be Unto You. I, Sananda Jesus the Christ, salute you, O Earth Brothers and Sisters, as you follow your essence into tomorrow’s rays of the energy, which is Purest Gold.

Amen and Amen. I AM!