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it is all about OWNERSHIP

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/08/2012 09:53 PM
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it is all about OWNERSHIP
One percent of Americans own stuff. They own land. They own oil. They own cattle. They own mines.

Ownership - you have the guns to kill anyone who messes with certain property. Or someone with guns agrees to defend certain property for you.

So basically, people with guns are holding all the resources hostage.

And us? We are laborers. We go to them and are like, "Hey. Need someone to grow your crops? Pick your fruit? Wash your smelly balls? We'll do it for some of the oil, and food, and permission to sleep in little plaster cubicles on your precious land!"

And the OWNERS are like. Sure. We are job creators! Here.

But now? They have robots to grow their crops. Pick their fruits. And mind their coal.

So what do we have to offer? Well, first we went to a service industry. We all became teachers and waiters and landscapers and interior designers... blah blah blah.

But now? Those jobs are filled. The OWNERS don't need people anymore. And they're not scared of the average American. The average American is an obese forty year old woman with diabetes, on anti depressants, blood pressure medication, and addicted to at least one illegal drug.

They are not afraid of the "average american". The OWNERS are not afraid that all of these obese, drug addicted, uneducated, hateful people will spontaneously organize and overthrow their drones and elite mercenary armies.

So there can be no Economic recovery for Americans who are not OWNERS. You know why you don't have that much Money? Because there isn't that much money in the lower class anymore. No matter how much the govt prints, they first give it to rich people/banks. And the rich people/banks? They don't trade it to laborers like they used to. you know why? Because you have nothing they want. So they are just accumulating gobs of worthless money and trading it in their own rich people economy.

Rich people are like Preppers. They are OWNERS. They don't care if the economy collapses. They don't really need money. They have underground cities. They have their own armies. Food. Technology.

So I wish poor people, because you are poor if you are reading this, would understand that there is no 'economic' fix for you. no one is going to cut taxes and suddenly you are going to have money and prosperity again.