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Breaking new drastic Smolensk pictures leaked

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1666997
11/09/2012 04:57 AM
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Breaking new drastic Smolensk pictures leaked
Photos under links labeled :
Фото 1 2
Фото 3 4
Фото 5
Фото 6
Фото 7

[link to gorojanin-iz-b.livejournal.com]

More photos:
[link to gorojanin-iz-b.livejournal.com]
[link to gorojanin-iz-b.livejournal.com]

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14273001
11/10/2012 05:27 AM
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Re: Breaking new drastic Smolensk pictures leaked
Interesting interview with Alef Stern - the author of a book which predicted Smolensk plane crash with Polish President on board:

Alef Stern: Stroke in Smolensk is done not only in Russia

- If in Smolensk was in fact a coup, it certainly did not the Russians themselves organized. As I wrote in "The Last Flight" - the art of carrying out the assassination and the disaster is not your game Snip gamekeeper, not with his shotgun, but in their forest to own servants cleaned the. And I think that all the tragedy and what happens later, after the Smolensk - the resignation of the Polish side of everything, this is proof that the Polish side is largely responsible for what happened, and the Russians know it well. In this way, even the Russians are playing this situation, the Polish government will adjust to any, even the biggest nonsense that comes from Moscow, so long as to hide their part in what happened - Alef says Stern, author of the book "Field Staff, the fall of the bones common things "and" Operation K. Last Flight "in an interview with Aldona Zaorską.

Aldona Zaorska: You are the author of famous books - "Cane Fields" and "The Last Flight". You take the subject matter involved in the creation of the special services of the current policy, siding with the existence of so-called supporters. the system. What made you interested in this topic?
Alef Stern: Its impact on our lives. A bit of inspired me a certain event. Now, when Putin became president, met with employees of the FSB. At this meeting, he said something like this: we wanted to come back to power, and I can tell you that we came back. I think that a similar situation is with us - returned to power military and civilian. The last Communist head of the civil service, Czeslaw Kiszczak, who also underwent military training, he had his men, who often passed from the military to civilian (or vice versa). We can say that in the 80s in Poland, these services were separated, and the more that competed with each other. But the purpose of this separation was apparent on the one hand, and on the second serve of checks and looking at his hands, according to the principle of one hand washes. It's that supposed to stand for Tusk civil service and the military Komorowski, is the same story as that in Russia, Putin managed services. In fact, it is in their hands. Service in Poland did not compete with each other. This classic action based on the principle of "divide and rule". I do not believe that at the top of Putin is the Russian state, as I do not believe that ruled Poland Donald Tusk and Komorowski.


translation by
[link to translate.google.com]


[link to pressmix.eu]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22596999
United States
11/10/2012 05:49 AM
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Re: Breaking new drastic Smolensk pictures leaked
Co się stało z dochodzeniem w sprawie śmierci Sikorskiego


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