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Message Subject Economic Doom News - Financial Market Turning Points - 2013 through 2020
Poster Handle No Dhimmi
Post Content
The election may be over, but our worries about the imminent explosion of the debt bomb have just begun. Every major economist and the US Treasury all concede that the U.S. will run a $1.5 trillion deficit for the foreseeable future, inflating the U.S. debt to a staggering $28 trillion by 2018. If you think this is just a meaningless number on a spreadsheet, ask yourself if paying $9 for a gallon of gas is meaningless to you and your family. Because as any experienced investor will tell you, the price of both gasoline and gold are directly correlated to U.S. debt more than any other variable. Doing simple math based upon long-standing historical trends, conservative estimates put gas at $9/gallon and gold at $3800 an ounce as the U.S. debt bomb explodes. Want proof? Right before the 2008 election Debt was $8T, Gas was $2.40 and Gold was $850... Now debt is $16T, gas is $4.90 and gold is $1700! What happens when Debt hits 28T?!
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