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Message Subject Economic Doom News - Financial Market Turning Points - 2013 through 2020
Poster Handle No Dhimmi
Post Content
Last week, the U.S. accomplished its own version of Caesar’s march across the Rubicon. The election answered virtually all outstanding questions except one, “when”. There are no more “ifs”. The majority voted to go with the existing leaders and agenda. Regardless of where one is on the merits of that outcome, it is clear that we are now charging headlong for financial Armageddon. It is just simple arithmetic.

There is no turning back. The voters have in effect demanded hyperinflation and destruction of economies and currencies. Rather than a fiscal cliff, we are now traveling full-speed ahead toward a financial black hole. A key aspect of black holes is that there is a point where one cannot escape the gravitational pull. The belief is that you emerge on the other side into some alternative universe.

What that new universe will look like is anyone’s guess, although history is very clear about the basic phases ahead and the endpoint. Like the Romans, this will not end well. It is just history. It is just what we humans seem to do. There are moments in history when panic is the correct action. We are at such a moment.

Rather than trying to guess the answer as to “when”, investors must take action immediately. For those with wealth to protect, this is no longer an intellectual exercise to guess on outcomes or allocations. This is coming down to an intelligence test. Survivors will take very significant positions in gold and silver. History is crystal clear that such action is the primary way in which to preserve wealth.

Time is very, very short to do so. The questions have been answered for anyone willing to look at the reality of the situation. The only uncertainty is “when.”

-Robert Fitzwilson, founder of The Portola Group

[link to kingworldnews.com]
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