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Message Subject Economic Doom News - Financial Market Turning Points - 2013 through 2020
Poster Handle No Dhimmi
Post Content
the Kondratieff cycle

Kondratieff Cycl

There is another way to look at it: You can see how at each of the technology peaks, in other words as soon as there had been maximum social displacement, we seems to get a WAR.

The War of 1812, the US Civil War, World War I and the Vietnam and Gulf War One were examples of peak wars.

We also have experienced a number of trough wars, generally following Depressions, and the largest here have been World War II, the Cold War, and more recently our succession of wars in what we'll label the "sand box" for short.

There may be one more Cycle, although it would be hotly debated...and that's the lifetime credit cycle.
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