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Message Subject YUCATAN 7.1 QUAKE MYSTERY - Suspect Caught On CC Ley Line Quake Cam Fleeing Scene!
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content

you'd think this thread would be newsworthy on a CONSPIRACY SITE.

But then when I see 90% of GLP pinning or allowing threads about the size of someones body parts, hemorrhoids or their FLATULENCE I shouldn't be surprised.

The level of incredible ignorance present and allowed on GLP is whats incredible itself. With an average of 19 pages of threads a day of which 90% is just a total waste of bandwidth, is it any wonder true knowledge and the few good threads here get lost and so many are so confused? Why not better filtering of ultra idiocy here? At what point and how bad does it have to get here before something changes? haters is ultra censored to the point of being Naziesque and GLP is the total opposite IMO.

Anyways, Its really tragic when I hear all those outside of GLP that either can't access the site to find the information thats good, or refuse to come here due to all the vile abuse and idiocy thats run amok like a disease
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