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Message Subject YUCATAN 7.1 QUAKE MYSTERY - Suspect Caught On CC Ley Line Quake Cam Fleeing Scene!
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
I just don't understand your work. You obviously put a lot of thought into it. I guess I am too dumb from chemtrails to really grasp it.

Plus, you don't consistently admit when one of your predictions fails.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1486213

Please show some EVIDENCE to SUPPORT your claim that I "don't consistently admit when a WARNING fails".

but let me get this straight... you ADMIT you can't grasp my work while at the same time you contradict yourself claiming but you DO KNOW I don't admit when a prediction fails?


if you can't comprehend my work, how would you be able to know or understand when it "misses" or what a miss is or the difference between a warning and prediction let alone that I DON'T admit any misses?


I'm going to wager you're one of those who when challenged to support their claim, seems to conveniently and consistently always disappear because you know what you're claiming is false if not a blatant lie.

Next time you want to criticize something, make sure you get your facts straight so you don't look foolish or be mistaken for a LIAR.


I've ALWAYS admitted any misses. Thats a FACT.

Whats funny though is, the ones trying to point out misses, are the same ones that NEVER admit any hits.

so thats a big difference between me and those like you who have again PROVEN what I've said about those who criticize my work... THEY'RE ALL BIASED and ignorant of the evidence, or have NO INTEREST in objectively discussing or measuring the merit of my writings/work/predictions/warnings.
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