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Message Subject YUCATAN 7.1 QUAKE MYSTERY - Suspect Caught On CC Ley Line Quake Cam Fleeing Scene!
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
The same day as the earthquake of Guatemala there were two more in Mexico 6.3 magnitude Oaxaca and 7.2 Chiapas.

Don´t reported!!! Mexico city felt the earthquake that morning.

Yucatan felt it also:

[link to yucatan.com.mx]

 Quoting: Coyoxautli

So that's another perspective on this...

The link doesn't work, but you're saying what several have said they did feel it in Yucatan...

How much they felt of it is unknown fully yet.
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

Goverment agencies said that the capital of Merida (Yucatan) felt the earthquake.

In november 7 early morning they said that there were two events: 7.3 Chiapas and 6.3 Oaxaca. Then National Seismology service downgrade the events to 4.0. Each year Chiapas and Oaxaca have hundreds of 4.0 but we don´t feel it in Mexico city...until november 7.

Some said that what we felt here in Mexico city was a result of Guatemala earthquake. Who knows. Something is going on

 Quoting: Coyoxautli

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