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Message Subject I am the nobody. The Heyoka. The Oracle. The 666
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I exist to dispell the illusions of humanity.i am silent and observant of the struggles of your minds with soul and soul with the vibrations of the universe.the constant pull of give and take in the many threads,your collective need to control rather than to allow in air of freedom.some disturb the truthful essence,the beauty in its simplicity, to twist for selfish empowerments birthed by the understandings of your ideologies which are ingrained in the perspective you view through,truthfully to accept change the obvious faults of those beliefs haveto be considered completely entirelyand to which they have carried you and the ones around you collectively,are they irritating or harmonious.to awaken into being ,spirit,(nobody)one must unchain the attachements,ideologies,religions,nationalist mentalities relinqushing them all to embody a sense of emptiness.truth is self sustaining and there exists no struggle around it
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