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Message Subject Baby Boy Due 12-12-12 Help us find a middle name???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lanther? Did you guys just make that name up?
 Quoting: fleshette

No it's been my husbands name for many years regarding online games, etc. I knew being this my last child and son that would be his first name. And regarding getting beat up, doubt it. He will be at least 6'6 as my husband and other son's are as well. And we do well at holding our own when needed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22736531

Online gamers, of course.

Well, if you think he can carry it off. It doesn't shorten or lend itself to a nickname, though, so maybe a conventional middle name that he could go by later if he chooses.

It just pisses me off when people name their kids shit like Apple or whatever, and you know that kid will never be a lawyer or doctor.
 Quoting: fleshette

Honestly, we don't forsee him to be a doctor or lawyer. But a warrior to help the new generation to fight the NWO. Warrior- take it however you choose but we are very educated as to all the "theories" of the future to come and we are ready for everything. except of course a major "D-Day" solar flare asteroid etc.

Again you all have a right to your opinions. So I'm not upset.

Just curious as to what you feel would go well with the name Lanther.
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