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Message Subject Baby Boy Due 12-12-12 Help us find a middle name???
Poster Handle scorpio66
Post Content
Lanther? Did you guys just make that name up?
 Quoting: fleshette

No it's been my husbands name for many years regarding online games, etc. I knew being this my last child and son that would be his first name. And regarding getting beat up, doubt it. He will be at least 6'6 as my husband and other son's are as well. And we do well at holding our own when needed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22736531

no one is 6'6 in grade one. He will get beat up, or at the very least teased quite badly. Even being a mild mannered adult, if someone told me their name was Lanther I would have trouble not snickering. Unless you are a celebrity you just can't get away with it, and you will spend the rest of your lives dealing with embarrassed silence whenever he is introduced. But you don;t care, as long as you get to proudly proclaim how unique you are. If the word has meaning to you guys, why not make that his middle name, and give him something a bit more elegant for a first name? Not saying you should call him John, but Lanther? It is unpleasant to say, literally. Not pleasant or appealing. This poor boy is going to be putting that on his resume in twenty years. Betting he won't get a lot of calls. I reckon when he hits that phase in life he will just change it anyway.
 Quoting: green_girl

as a weirdly first-named girl, i have to agree with this 110%. i have endured spelling my name a million times, having people say 'what is it?' and then smirk or actually even say something crass. i am convinced it has cost me jobs and made people think i'm weird in general. it's not like i picked it!

please, reconsider. i really do still hate my parents for it, so much so that i use my initials instead and do everything in my power to hide my loathed first name. please don't. please don't.
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