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Message Subject Baby Boy Due 12-12-12 Help us find a middle name???
Poster Handle green_girl
Post Content
as a weirdly first-named girl, i have to agree with this 110%. i have endured spelling my name a million times, having people say 'what is it?' and then smirk or actually even say something crass. i am convinced it has cost me jobs and made people think i'm weird in general. it's not like i picked it!

please, reconsider. i really do still hate my parents for it, so much so that i use my initials instead and do everything in my power to hide my loathed first name. please don't. please don't.
 Quoting: scorpio66

I feel for you. I have a common girl's name that is spelled uncommonly. I get that my parents thought I was a special snowflake and everything, but after having to correct people's pronunciation for the thousandth time it really makes you think about what you will name your kids. If you have a boring name like Jake or Molly maybe you can't empathise with how annoying it is.
 Quoting: fleshette

Same here, ordinary name, dumb spelling. Hate it. But at least it wasn't Lanther.
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