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Message Subject Baby Boy Due 12-12-12 Help us find a middle name???
Poster Handle telling it straight
Post Content
Why don't you make the middle name normal since his first name is totally unusual. Something like William would sound nice with Lanther if that's the name your set on.

If you go too far out there in your quest to give your kid a unique name, the name's going to sound like one of those made up names from the hood. What kind of luck do you think your kid is going to have getting a job with a far out name? Don't get too weird trying to be different. Your kid will hate you for it.

We actually know someone that named their kid 'Spartacus.' Another named their kid 'Boom.' Can you even imagine what life will be like for those kids when they get to school? Their parents were trying to be hip and different. How ridiculous.

The kid's going to have to live a lifetime with the name you choose. Don't assume he's going to love your attempt at being unusual. Think about the impact on him and ask people close to you to HONESTLY tell you what they think.

You seem to think he's not going to be a professional but a "warrior against the NWO." You have NO IDEA what he's going to do with his life at this point. Don't give him a name that will keep him down in life. Your plan for him may not be his.
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