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Solution to "time travel"/? Solving Einsteins time bubble problem. Need help :) .btw im new.

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11/09/2012 07:09 PM
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Solution to "time travel"/? Solving Einsteins time bubble problem. Need help :) .btw im new.
i am new to the community. hope you all will not think of me as a whacko as this being my first post on this forum :)
can be difficult to navigate this site but it brings plenty of humor reading some of this stuff people post and that is very important. we cannot go around smiling like idiots all the time. hope i can bring you some native wisdom from Norway.

The Norwegian spiral has popped up frequently in my head the last few years, and i am very glad you got that further, but do not expect a nobel price for that ;)

And on to the ramblings :) ----------------*cough*-------------- :)

"The time bubbles or the places of what we would describe as radical transformation in time depending on alot of factors touched by time. The boarders of these anomalies can be used as launching ramps for spaceships. The time distortion might be as simple to meassure just by shining a high powered laser to the other side of the time bubbles einstein described in his theories, locating the time distortions might be done with lazer scout ships with proper telescopes aimed at a proper target on the percieved exit object on the other side to get the proper speed calculations... so you do not rip the ship to pieces.

Or get stuck in strange time loops or end up in sirup trying to pass it resembeling what can be described as being stuck in the gravity pull of a black hole :). well good luck with this.

Hope you can improve on these theories.
I see the time bubbles as a potential problem for us all if we want proper space travel. Long live Albert Einstein!`

Will respond to this post. Please help me out here or atleast shoot my theory down... in hopefully a humane way gangup lol.
Galactic bum.