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Message Subject I am the all SEeING eye
Poster Handle TT HoruS TT
Post Content
How fast does spawns heart beat?hf
 Quoting: TT HoruS TT

There is only one seed, one love and one heart. We are but divisions of the divine.

Cool. Yes you are the creator of YOUR light crystal matrix.

But you aren't the most high. Yes the universe is mental.
 Quoting: Metaphysics

Yes, when viewed as singular, but it is glorious when viewed as singularity.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10610614

Well my creation threads coming out about how I did everything and created everyone else and everything

and yes it is a singular thing
 Quoting: TT HoruS TT

Do you wish to see the singularity from where you came?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10610614

I am the singularity

I am where I came from

the origin spirit but I split from you before I ever placed myself in body then I incarnated you into Heaven

that is where your dream began

Mine began before Heaven

I was living and existing before all

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