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Message Subject I am the all SEeING eye
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In all honesty I see these subtle manifestations of light that are made of many small circles whirling within a larger opposite direction circle of sphere,in the center of which is something that looks like an eye, or a mouth, or perhaps even something like an anus...in any event it floats around and can be made of any of the colors represented in the chakra spectrum.

I've seen multiples of these things, and often they interact in ways with me. There are times too when my own frequency is vibrating differently and I can even touch these things and manipulate them,move bits of them around, sort of dancing with areas of the thing, manipulating it like some half cotton candy half gelatinous like substance...I've seen them so many times now, and performed so many "reality" checks to determine if I was just seeing eye floaters, or even if I was tripping out and hallucinating, and after 10 years I feel more than ever that they are real...

The reason I post is so many of the images you posted in reference to the all seeing eye are what I imagine others who have witnessed this phenomena would depict it like...

Some very interesting images through out this thread.

Thank you all for your posts.
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